• ITB Release
  • Hamstring and sit bone
  • Shoulder Work
  • Rhomboids

SEA Therapy is based on Asian-style Energy Lines and Thai Massage techniques, but is more focused in correcting energy meridians and in anatomical and dynamic alignment.

SEA incorporates Western-approaches in finding the blockages in the muscles, joints and specific nerves of the body based on the blockages found in the Energy Lines.

SEA Foundations Course is for students wishing to perform therapeutic massage or bodywork. This is bodywork that will relieve or heal common issues like Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, various knee issues, etc.

2016 Calendar

  • SEA Foundations: February 8th - 17th
  • SEA Foundations: January 18th - 24th
  • SEA Foundations: February 8th - 17th
  • SEA Foundations: February 20th - 28th
  • Sun Yoga, Kota Kinabalu: March 1st - 8th
  • Kuala Lumpur: March 9th - 18th
  • Los Angeles: March 24th - April 28th
  • Kuala Lumpur: May 23rd - June 3rd
  • Kuala Lumpur: June 23rd - July 7th
  • Kuala Lumpur: Approx September 14th - 25th?
  • Kuala Lumpur: Approx October 26th - November 7th?
  • SEA Foundations: Open Dates November
  • SEA Foundations: Open Dates December

  • This Calendar is subject to change.

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