SEA Therapy


  • Opening the wrist
  • Releasing the hip
  • Clearing the scapula
  • Releasing the Psoas

SEA incorporates Western-approaches in finding the anomalies in muscles, joints and specific nerves of the body. There is much similarity to Orthopedic and Physical Therapy assessment and rehabilitation approaches.

SEA Therapy has been able to help people reduce or resolve:

  • Foot, ankle, shin, calf, knee, upper leg (hamstring, quadriceps, adductor), groin and Iliopsoas injury/tightness

  • Sciatica, lower back pain, Scoliosis, sacrum and hip (gluteus, ITB) injury/tightness/imbalance

  • Hand, wrist (CTS, RSI), arm, elbow (Tennis & Golfer Elbow) and shoulder (Rotator Cuff) injury/tightness

  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and various Upper back, Scapula (Rhomboid), chest (Pectoralis) and neck (Cervical & Trapezius) injury/tightness

Having a Treatment

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The first session begins by doing a 20-minute Body Reading & Assessment to find out more about the person’s condition(s) before beginning the treatment.

Things we will investigate are:

  • Check current pain or issues
  • Check the postural alignment
  • Tests for mobility or strength issues
  • History of current activities and injuries

SEA Bodywork treatments are for all types of people: athletes, yogis, office workers, homemakers, pregnant women, elderly and even for children at youngest 10-years old and older.

Some issues may become solved within minutes, some deeper challenges or longer-term body patterns may still be painful after a few sessions.

Some people with longterm problems may need a few sessions to begin to release the deeper blockages in the joints or nerves.

The goals are 1) Firstly Removing the pain or movement limitation(s) and 2) Secondly teaching the proper homework in order to rehabilitate injured areas more thoroughly.

Both steps are important in correcting and reinforcing the correction, or “gluing it” in working Alignment to prevent the injury from returning.

My goal is to help many people understand and free themselves of the problems in their own bodies. Please Contact me if you are interested in working together.

Thank you and wishing you the best!