SEA Training

0. Preparation Training

Preparation Training will help prepare the student for training in SEA Therapy as it involves 1) a lot of thumb training and 2) rocking in low sitting or kneeling positions on the massage mat.

These exercises will help prepare students for performing traditional “Line Work” before they come for training. The thumb practices are reviewed daily as part of the courses and will give you an idea of how we train the body and thumbs to work together. This is very important as many massage therapists have injured themselves working incorrectly for many years.

1. Structural Energy Lines

Structural Energy Lines is a 5-day course will introduce SEA Bodywork in a productive manner for all levels of massage practitioner. This course will focus on proper thumbing with half-kneeling for moving energy along the major structural energy meridians along the entire body. 

This course is good for students who are interested in learning therapeutic energy line work for helping people with pain and/or movement limitations, but have not committed to a full-time massage therapy practice yet and want to learn something deeper in effect when done properly.

2. SEA Foundations

SEA Foundations is for massage therapists/bodyworkers who want to help people by treating Orthopedic-related problem conditions. This course will build upon all the material in the Structural Energy Lines course in more detail about where the energy lines become displaced and how to correct the energy, muscles and joints along the way.

The course has a strong emphasis on body mechanics, anatomy, techniques (accuracy & efficiency) and understanding for energy blockages and related problems.

We suggest having time to practice SEA after the course for better retention as the manual is very detailed. This course may be taken without taking Structural Energy Lines for those who have similar background and are currently giving bodywork.

3. Practitioner Training

Practitioner Training is for dedicated SEA students who have been working with SEA Foundations and are at least 70% accurate on the locations and no longer need the training manual.

Various forms of practitioner training may be arranged as a ?-day course for multiple practitioners, or as 1-1 mentoring, mentoring with client cases or assisting with SEA training courses.

We begin to integrate on aspects of Body Assessment and “Targeted Therapy” for the body. The goals are to improve timing, accuracy, predictability, etc. in progression with bodywork therapy.

This course integrates the concepts of SEA Therapy with the Body Assessment, Treatment and Rebalancing course currently offered at Sunshine Massage School in Chiang Mai, Thailand.