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SEA Foundations is intended for massage students who want to be able to give authentic therapeutic massage to anyone with physical pains or movement limitations in their body. The goal is to help change the recipients' body (with lasting results) in terms of removing pain, increasing energy flow, correcting mobility, etc.

Anyone can take the SEA Foundations Course without any previous massage experience, but I recommend that students understand the difference between targeted therapeutic massage vs. spa-style massage. Therapeutic massage is usually more work and depth for both the giver and receiver. SEA requires good body mechanics to be efficient and successful. SEA requires much attention to accuracy to NOT INJURE the receiver when going deep.

Course Details

SEA Foundation is normally taught in small groups of students for 8-days for 3-6 students to 9-10 days for more students. This is an intense learning and training oriented course as there is a great deal of detail each day, so please be prepared to take notes and spend some evening reviewing notes and watching each sections’ demonstration videos which we provide after the first day of course.

  • Body Position Training for Injury Prevention
  • Structural Energy Line Accuracy & Manipulation
  • Therapeutic Massage Techniques
  • Essential Anatomy for Structural Energy Navigation
  • Techniques for Deep Muscle & Joint Release
  • Assessment of Physical and Energetic Problems

The course includes a detailed manual and students are able to give and receive massage with the teacher in the course. Another benefit is that the demos on the students by the teacher will help the student to heal some pain or injuries in their own bodies and help them to learn how to correct it as well.

Please contact us for more information. Thank you!

What is Structural Energy?

Structural energy lines of the body run along the muscular and skeletal alignment of the body. Structural Energy just means that these energy lines are governing the "structural" alignment, mobility, strength and lightness of the part of the body involved.

For example, if the structural energy in the outside of the lower leg is blocked, it may create ankle movement limitations, pain or numbness at times. Once the energy is corrected, the person will not feel the pain or movement limitation.

The technique is linear in working with Structural Energy Lines and also integrated in Western approaches of Body Assessment and Structural Rebalancing.

Lower Arm Lines
Outside Foot Lines

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