SEA Practioner Training

  • Peronial Nerve
  • IT Band
  • Arm Line 3 Inside
  • Iliopsoas Release
  • Side Neck Line

After taking SEA Foundations, it typically takes a student a minimum of 60 sessions, 6+ months of experience practicing and even repeating the course at least one or more times to be ready to learn deeper techniques and more body understanding.

The more effective techniques require more sensitivity, power (through leverage) and holding time for the receiver to release at their pace and for practitioners to have full awareness of what’s going on, or these same techniques can be dangerous to the receiver (as well as the practitioner).

Practitioner training is going beyond the basics of SEA Foundations and the main requirement to attend is that you can do the lines, stomach, back and kicking without your book.

Even if its not totally clear, its okay as long as you have the general directions for the points and lines, but maybe not the accuracy or depth or timing down yet, you are welcome to contact me to see if you are ready.

In Practitioner training, we will practice:

  • Being more thorough on moving energy lines
  • Improving your timing for sections and introducing short cuts.
  • New techniques with kicking energy lines
  • Using elbows deeper in a few areas
  • Deeper body assessment and patterns of blockages
  • Improving body mechanics and working with your energy lines
  • A few more nerve releases
  • Active release types of techniques
  • Iliopsoas Release
  • And more!
Please always practice with love and compassion. We are only just guides to healing.

With Love and Light,