Student Testimonials

Your teaching was an amazing inspiration for me and had amazing results here. Thank you so much, very lucky to have met you, not just your skills, but your genuine approach and real care for the work is rare.Veronika Kees, Massage Therapist, May 2017
I just completed the SEA foundation course with Mike in Los Angeles, it was a great experience! Mike is a wonderful teacher. He is so knowledgable about the body and has so much passion for his work. Being around him inspires me to learn and grow as a bodyworker. I will definitely take more SEA courses with him in the future!Julie Calvert, Massage Therapist, March 2017
If you are around Chiang Mai and want to gain much clearer and deeper understanding of the human body, body awareness and mechanics, I HIGHLY recommend you this course. This experience has had a great impact on how I feel the body structure nowadays, its anatomical alignment and how I "apply" bodywork sessions to prevent long term and even chronic issues.Paulina Maliniak, Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher, August 2015
Hoped to learn about energetic lines and their role in our musculoskeletal system. Course has given me good jumpstart on this. Mike, you are truly living your purpose… it is evident in the way you approach both practice & teaching. I gained knowledge about practicing SEA, but also about teaching, patience, approach and efficient organization & presentation of material. Thank you!Katie Goroncy, Physiotherapy & Massage Therapy, June 2015
Mike has a great attitude and passion for the subject and he is able to transmit that to us. He is very patient with everybody and treats everybody the same. He is also very focused on teaching the right way, which is very good for us because we need correction form the beginning. High quality and very good value.Elena Gallego Fernández, June 2015
I wanted to learn the energy lines and how to approach them therapeutically, the course was very specific in covering this.Tamara Vodovoz, June 2014
A lot of the spirit of my massage comes from what I have learnt over the years from you and the practice of the style you taught me. I would like to acknowledge you in gratitude as my other main teacher if you agree with that. I also would like to mention your website so that my students can go and have a look at what you teach and practice.Sylvain Broucke, Massage Teacher & Practitioner, May 2014
Mike is knowledgeable, precise and patient. I appreciate the way he guides us to become self-sufficient in our training and maintenance. Jessie Grace Quon, Bodywork Therapist & Educator, January 2013
People can't get this style elsewhere, but they always ask. Lots of inquiries about my teachers, and I'm always am happy to share about you. Priceless training you gave me, sensei!PJ Stambaugh, Massage Therapy & Lanna Rollers, December 2012
The aspect I like about SEA is that it works the lines. I have found that Thai Bodywork is more & more about the SEN lines and less about the asana like stretches. Thanks Mike, this course has given me the shift to think about and study more, and has also reinforced the direction I really want my work to go in.Paul Brumwell, October 2011
Mike, your passion for this work really shines out and it makes learning from you so interesting and accessible. You are an inspiring mentor.Erin Kostanski, January 2011
Mike is a gifted teacher, eager to share his passion for life-changing bodywork with his students. His extensive knowledge of therapeutic bodywork is complemented by his approachability and compassionate nature. I highly recommend Mike Tan as a teacher and practitioner and feel incredibly fortunate to study and work with him. His depth of knowledge, effectiveness as a practitioner, and natural teaching ability make him stand out as an excellent choice for the student interested in learning therapeutic bodywork.Paul Monson, January 2011
Very focused teacher and sets a good example all around plus good attention to detail. I wanted detailed info/training on how to perform to my very best with attention to detail + tradition + self work, I got what I wanted!Lorien Rogers, November 2010